How to Increase Jio Net Speed on Android Smartphone [Root]

Most of you must be willing to increase Jio net speed as it is very slow in some areas. And during this corona outbreak, It’s hard to live without a better internet connection. Slow Jio speed must be killing your desires to use your smartphone. You must be willing to increase Jio speed so that you can use your watch your favourite content, play games etc. without lag. You are not alone, I was also getting slow Jio speed at my area and was looking for a solution. Then I found this Network signal guru app and it really worked for me. I got 6-10 Mbps speed after using this app in different speed tests. Earlier I was getting approximately 2-3 Mbps speed. So I’m sharing this simple trick to increase Jio net speed with Network signal guru App.

Increase Jio net speed

How to Increase Jio Net Speed in Android 2020

To increase Jio speed on your Android smartphone you need to have these prerequisites –

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Do not worry if you don’t fulfil the above requirements because I will share new tricks for you soon. But for those who are having rooted android devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, let’s get started.

Here is the network speed test of my phone before using this trick and later it increased to 10 Mbps. Awesome, isn’t it?

Slow Jio speed

Follow these steps to Increase Jio Net Speed 2020:

  • First of all, Download Network Signal Guru App by clicking here.
  • Install the app and give it the root access & other permissions for working of the app.
  • Now Tap on 3 vertical dots in the upper right side to open the menu.

increase jio net speed 1

  • Now tap on lock bands option.

increase jio net speed 2


  • Now Tap on LTE option.

increase jio speed

  • Here comes the main part, Suppose by default B3 band was selected, you need to select B5 band. If that doesn’t work for you, try B40 band. Select only one band at a time.
  • Try only these 3 bands one by one as Jio uses only these bands in India: B3, B5 and B40.
  • Now select the band which gave you the fastest speed and press OK.

increase jio speed

  • I tested my speed once again after using this trick and Woohoo! it increased to 10 Mbps.

increase jio speed

That’s it, now you will be able to browse through the internet with increased speed. Like I was getting 2-3 Mbps speed before using this trick, and after using it, I got around 5-10 Mbps. The difference is not huge but still, it is better :). Do let me know if you have any issue in using this trick to increase Jio net speed in 2020.

You can also watch my video if you are having difficulty in following the above steps to increase Jio speed in Android Smartphone:

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