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It’s your Friend / Partner or Family member’s birthday and you want to make it special. Despite all the arrangements to make it Amazing, you can Add a feather in a cap by playing a Happy Birthday Song with their own name. At 1Happybirthday.com, you can create a birthday song with an Indian name or any other name. Step by step guide to creating such a song is available in this post.

How to Create Birthday Song with YOUR Name – 1HappyBirthday.Com

  • First of all, Visit 1Happybirthday.com – click here
  • At the top, you will see a search box. Enter any name here and click on the Search icon.

1happybirthday song with your name

  • Now you will see your name with a yellow background, click on it.

1happybirthday.com song with own name

  • Here you will get some options to Play/Download song.

download 1happybirthday song

  • That’s it, now download and play at the party to make it more awesome 🙂

Here is an example of a birthday song you can create on 1HappyBirthday.com (Click to play). You can create the same birthday song with your own name by following steps available in this post. (Audio only)

1HappyBirthday Song Lyrics – I used GOLU for an example, it can be replaced with any name.

Happy Birthday, GOLU
Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, GOLU
Happy Birthday.
Happy B-day, GOLU
Happy Happy B-day
Happy B-day, GOLU
Oh yeah.
Feliz cumpleaños, GOLU
My dog says woof woof to you GOLU
My dog says arooooou!
GOLU, Birthday, Birthday GOLU
Happy B-Day, Happy B-Day, GOLU
Feliz cumpleaños, GOLU.

Currently, 1Happybirthday.com can create birthday songs of 43536 names. So there are very high chances that you will find a birthday song with your desired name whether its Indian name or other. Still, if you don’t find, just comment below and I will try to find birthday song for you! Keep visiting Hexcode for more nice stuff!


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