Phonepe Sign up: Use Phonepe Refer and earn & get 150 Rs on Signup

Now celebrate Holiday Bonanza with Phonepe! Sign up for Phonepe App using a valid Phonepe Referral Code/Link and add your bank account, you will get 150 Rs Cashback Instantly. If you want to get the benefit of Phonepe Register offer, you should have a bank account linked to your Mobile Number. Please sign up with same number mobile on which you have a bank account. Also, Don’t worry about the security, this App is Powered by Flipkart and it’s completely safe. You can read more about Phonepe here.


  • Just Download Phonepe App using referral link & Link your bank account, you will get 75 Rs Cashback.
  • Now transfer 150 Rs via UPI, any Phonepe contact, you will get again 75 Rs Cashback.
  • Invite your friends to earn 75 Rs per refer (up to 7500)

Phonepe Referral Code: Free 150 Rs on Signup

To successfully register on Phonepe App, Please follow given steps below:

  1. First of all, (If this Phonepe referral link is not working then copy and paste this Phonepe referral code/link in your browser –
    • No Additional Phonepe refer code required. Just download the app using Phone pe refer link to get cashback offers.
  2. Open Phonepe App & Tap on Register Now
  3. To Create Phonepe Account, Enter the name, email ID etc. and Tap on Continue
  4. Now Choose your main SIM Card (If dual SIM Phone) in which you have a linked bank account.
  5. After Successful Sign up, Tap on Add Bank >> Choose Bank >> Validate mobile number >> Choose Account and enter all required details step by step.
  6. That’s it. You have successfully created a new account on Phon pe App using a valid Referral Link and now you will get 75 Rs Cashback in Phonepe App Instantly. (If you have added your bank account)
  7. Now send 150 Rs via UPI or any Phonpe contact, you will get 75 Rs cashback instantly.
  8. You earned total 75+75 =150 in just few minutes 🙂

You can’t redeem Phonepe cashback in the bank, but it can be used on Recharge/Bill payments/Merchant payments etc. Now Invite your friends and you both will get 75 Rs when you friend Add bank account in App. (You can Invite maximum 100 friends and earn up to 7500 Rs)

This App offering Amazing Cashback on 1st Mobile Recharge also, You can check Phonepe offers here. or Check other Refer and Earn apps 2018.

Now Invite your friends, whenever they signup using your phonepe referral link & add their bank account, you will get 75 Rs for each friend (Maximum 7500).

Phonepe Refer and earn offer

When we choose Whatsapp to Invite friends on Phonepe, we see this msg – Earn ₹150! Link your bank account and do your first money transfer on #PhonePe. Use my link – Clarification of this msg are given below:

  1. Ask your friends to download the app using your Phonepe referral code/link and as soon as they link their bank account, you will get 75 Rs for every friend. You can earn Max 7500 Rs in this offer by inviting your friends.
  2. Offer is applicable on both iOS and Android devices.
  3. The offer is valid only once per referred user, and once per linked bank account
  4. Referred users linking more than one bank account will receive the cashback only once

How to send money in Phonepe App

As you have linked bank account in above steps, Now can send money to other Phonepe User or Bank account. Steps are given below:

  • First of all, Click on Either Click on “To Contact” to send money to other Phonepe user or “To Account” to send money to another bank account.

transfer money from phonepe to bank account

  • Enter any amount.
  • In next step, Choose bank account which is linked to your App.
  • Enter UPI PIN which you created while adding bank account.
  • That’s it, money will be credited instantly to your friend’s bank account.

Old Phonepe Refer and earn offer

Phonepe refer and earn offer, Phonepe refer earn – Now signup using a valid Phonepe referral code or Phonepe referral link and get 50% cashback on the first transaction. Maximum cashback limit is 75 Rs. The best part of this offer is, you can send 150 Rs to your friend’s Phonepe account and you will still get 75 Rs cashback.  Also, you will get 75 Rs extra cashback on your 5th Transaction. So basically, it’s 125 Rs on Signup. Is it not good?

But keep in mind, you need to attach your bank account to avail this Phonepe signup offer and then send money through UPI (Bank account). Don’t worry it’s completely safe and very easy to signup on phonepe!

Phonepe Refer and Earn Offer, Referral Code

  1. Now go to Invite Option
  2. When your friend download App using your phonepe referral link or phonepe referral code and send money to any Phonepe user, he/she will get 50% cashback and you will get 75 Rs Cashback
  3. Update your App, if you are not able to see your Phonepe Invite link.
  4. Enjoy Phonepe refer and earn offer!

Pro Tip- Ask your friends to signup using your Phonepe referral code/link and you can also share this post link (Just for detailed info and give them a reason to trust on your offer! )

Phonepe Refer and earn offer Details

  1. When a user does his first UPI transaction on the PhonePe app, the user gets 50% Cashback (Maximum 75 Rs). Also, the user will get 50% cashback on 5th UPI transaction (max 75)
  2. Offer is valid for only send money transactions using UPI to other users.
  3. This offer will be valid once per user and once per Smartphone and once per bank account

Earn ₹150! Link your bank account and do your first money transfer on #PhonePe. Use my link

Phonepe Unlimited Trick

  1. First of all, Download Parallel Space App Now Add App in it.
  2. Complete Registration
  3. Now add money.
  4. Initiate a recharge of Bill Payment of Rs 100
  5. And pay via Wallet
  6. Your recharge will be done and you will get 100 Rs Cashback You can transfer cash back to bank account also.
  7. Now clear data and repeat steps 2 to 8 again and again

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Hope you are enjoying Phonepe refer and earn offer, If you have any doubt or suggestion, please share with me in the comments box below!

  1. Bro do you know any trick to get Cashback without do any transaction?

  2. Generic Phonepe ID: [email protected]

  3. Refer code: AYUS4139

  4. R u sure bro ?

  5. My Phonepe ID : [email protected]

    Bro Rs.100 cash back sure ?

  6. Hi Guys
    For Phonepe….
    We don’t need to send 1 rupee to others…
    Just add 1 rupee to wallet & you will get immediately 50 cash back…
    After 24 hours u can withdraw that amount to bank…
    I am tested personally..

    Thanks to

  7. Sir can we get cashback now also in 1st use of phonepe

  8. To register it auto sends sms from our sim number, but if i take friends number to register is there anyway to register through otp or some way?

  9. Bro to avail offer there is no need any applying code r anything ?? By doing direct transaction do we get cash back…N more is it working now ???

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