Trick to Transfer Paytm Cash to Bank account without OTP

How to login paytm without otp? Many people asked me earlier. But finally we found a way to login paytm account without OTP. With help of this trick you can login paytm account without otp and then you can transfer paytm cash to bank account without any charges. So this method will solve your paytm otp problem.

As we all know Paytm launched separate App for eCommerce stuff, named as PaytmMall App. This App don’t ask for OTP while we login, which is good for those who have money in multiple paytm accounts but don’t have OTP to Login.

But you can’t transfer paytm balance without otp to another paytm account. As only bank transfer option is available in paytm mall App

How To Login Paytm Account Without OTP?

  1. First of all, Download PaytmMall App Here
  2. Install & Open the PaytmMall App
  3. Now login using your existing paytm account
  4. Your account will be logged in without asking for OTP

Note- If your paytm balance amount is less than 100 Rs, first add remaining amount and make it 100. Because we can’t transfer paytm balance to bank account below 100 Rs.

Important Points

  • Money will be transferred to your Bank account using IMPS, Means you will get money in your bank account instantly.
  • Please confirm your bank account details before sending because once transferred successfully it can’t be reversed.
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  1. paytm mall is also asking for otp now??

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