Best Telegram Channels List to Join Today (2020)

Best Telegram channels list 2020 – Channels is a new tool for broadcast your messages to large audiences. They replace the old Broadcast lists and are better in every way. Now forget creating multiple broadcasts, Wasting time and efforts in adding contacts to add members in your broadcast list. In Telegram, people can join your channel with just one click. Also, Telegram channel can have an unlimited number of members. You can see how many members see your message, and new members can see the entire message history in a channel once they join — all the way to day one.

Now no need to waste your time here and there searching for the best telegram channels list. We have added a list of Top telegram channels to join today!

How to Create a Telegram Channel

You can create a telegram channel very easily on Android, IOS or Windows Smartphones. You just need to follow some simple steps given below according to your device.

  1. Android  To create a channel on Android Device, Tap the Circular Pencil icon in the right bottom corner and tap on “New Channel”
  2. IOS – First, Start a new message by tapping the icon in the top right corner and then select
  3. Windows – Tap the + button on the bottom bar and select “new channel”

Now as you have your own channel, you need to select its privacy either public or private. If your channel is public, It can be found in search and anyone can join. Private channels can only be joined via an invite link only. The Creator of a channel can make admin to any member but there are some limits. Other Admins can only Send messages, Deleted their messages, view and remove members. One more thing you should keep in mind, you can add maximum 200 members your own and then you have to share your telegram channel link on various social media platforms and blogs to invite people to join your channel.

How to Join Telegram Channel

Joining a telegram channel is as easy as eating a pie. Just search your desired channel in Telegram App and tap on Join. If that channel is Private, you can’t find in the search. So in that case, you need to know it’s exact URL, Just copy and paste URL into your browser and telegram will open that channel. Now Tap on JOIN button located at the bottom of that channel and congrats! You have successfully joined that channel!

Sometimes it’s hard to find good channels, so it’s better to check the best telegram channels list 2020 given below instead of wasting your time here and there!

Best Telegram Channels List 2020

  • Telegram Movie Channel – It is the best telegram movie channel I have ever seen, actually its a group. Just ask once in the group, and you will get movie link in a few minutes. If you are a movie lover, you will thank me. LOL!
  • Deals Channel – If you are a frequent online shopper and want to save money on online shopping, Free Recharge, Tricks and offers etc. You must join this channel. You will get money saving deals and offers every day. Also, it is the official telegram channel of Hexcode. You can also search @hexcodein on Telegram App to join.
  • Boring Class – One of the best Telegram funny channels for the troll and enjoy.
  • Deals Group – Join Hexcode Deals Group and meet other online Shoppers! Also, get Deals and tricks on a regular basis.
  • Coinsutra – CoinSutra was started as a passion project, and now it’s empowering users around the globe to learn about popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.
  • The Devs – Developers Community on Telegram.
  • Like you bro -Enjoying your free time is very easy these days, Join this channel and get funny images with quotes. This is official Telegram channel of popular Facebook page Be Like bro.
  • Historygram – This is the best History on Telegram. You will get Images of history with its brief explanation in 4 languages.
  • Stickers Channel – As the name suggests, it offers amazing stickers and you can impress your friends by forwarding them.
  • JOBSTech – Get Job Notifications Daily Across India
  • Gif Channel – If you want best telegram GIFs, you should consider joining this channel today. It offers funny GIFs and you can further have fun by sharing with your friends and family.
  • Full Music Albums – This is one of the telegram channels for music. You can Download your favourite music albums for free!
  • Programmer Jokes – If you like jokes related to computer and programming, this channel is just for you.
  • Memes – Memes are trending these days. When anything goes viral, people start making Memes of it. And it’s a really amazing way to express your thoughts in a funny way! Join this telegram channel and have fun!
  • Common Mistakes – This channel mentions the most common mistakes made by learners and offers a correct version and an explanation.

So this is the best telegram channels list 2020. If you have a better list and want to share with our readers, you can share in the comments box below.

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