How To Unlist Mobile Number From Truecaller Within 1 Min

These days truecaller is in must have apps for some people. We can see name of any unknown person by his/here mobile number with the help of Truecaller. It’s very helpful for us. But everything has its pros and cons. Likely, Truecaller also have some cons. Truecaller uploads all your contacts list to their server database and by using these details, it shows name of the user to other people. So, by reading this article you will be able to Unlist Mobile Number from truecaller.

Sometimes by any reason, we don’t want to show our name to other people in Truecaller or we want to keep our identity hidden. This can be done easily, Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to Unlist mobile number from Truecaller Within 1 Min.

How To Unlist Mobile Number From Truecaller:-

Method I: If your mobile number is registered on Truecaller

  • Open Truecaller App and go to Settings by hitting on Menu.
  • In Setting, Select About option.
  • You will see Deactivate Account option under About Section.
  • Now Hit on Yes to Deactivate your truecaller account.

Method II: When your mobile number is not registered on Truecaller


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Congrats!!! you have successfully removed your mobile number from Truecaller database by using any of the above method. Your mobile number will be removed from their database in 24 hours and if someone try to search your name by your mobile mobile ,it will show “no result found”.

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