How To Run Two Operating Systems Simultaneously

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Generally we use only one operating system in our personal computer but sometimes or some computer users (like me) like to have two or more operating systems in their PC. Normally, we can run only one operating system at once but I’m there with an nice solution of this need and you can run two operating systems simultaneously. You just need to follow these simple steps which are given below.

How To Run Two Operating Systems Simultaneously

  1. First of all, download Virtual Box software.
  2. Install and Launch this software.
  3. Click on Machine tab Or Ctrl+N and select New and ”type any file name you like
  4. Now, Select base memory range “100MB to 192MB” and then click Next
  5. Select Create new hard disk and click Next
  6. Again click next button
  7. Now select dynamically expanded storage then click Next
  8. Enter the location for creating Virtual Box in hard drive(c:\)  location and click Next button.
  9. Insert any Bootable disk and launch this software.
  10. In Right side of Virtual Box you will see the File name you created  in step 3.
  11. Now double click on this file name and start the Bootable disk simultaneously.


Voila!!! you can successfully run two operating systems simultaneously now. Enjoy the trick!!!


Requirement: You must have CD/DVD of the another operating system you want to run simultaneously.

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