Beware! This Contact Virus Can Easily Hang Your Whatsapp

Beware! A new whatsapp bug has been found. Today, someone sent a contact or say contact virus in our Whatsapp group. I don’t know what was his intention but it was painful. Those members who did not have latest version of Whatsapp, were not able to open that group again. Just because of this virus, I had to create a new group and added all members in that group. It can happen with anyone. So, I thought to write about it as it’s really a serious issue if you have a discussion group. I suggest everyone who has any Whatsapp group to remove immediately if someone send such contact in your group.

whatsapp bug

This Contact is not working on latest version of Whatsapp. Now you can’t hang Whatsapp by any contact.

How did your mobile hang WhatsApp contact Works?

If someone create a contact with much amount of smileys and send to anyone, His/her Whatsapp will stop responding. Buy using this contact virus anyone can hang your whatsapp easily. Either you have to wait for some minutes to respond it or close Whatsapp and delete that chat without opening.


Hang hua na Mobile Whatsapp contact:

whatsapp bug

What to do if someone have sent such virus

First, Open that group and wait for a while till it open and clear chat. If your WhatsApp is still not responding then let other members send some msgs in that group. Once that contact virus scrolled up in chat, you can easily open that group but don’t scroll up. Now clear chat. Use you can use Whatsapp Web if you are unable to clear chat in Mobile.

Whatsapp have one more bug, if you don’t delete your chat for some days or say months (Means after having 15-20k msgs). You will not be able to clear chat, So clear your chat regularly.

Most Important

  1. Please update your Whatsapp to latest version.
  2. If someone send such contact in your group, remove him immediately. I think you don’t want someone to ruin your group.

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