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Hello guys, we have provided many ways to our visitors to connect with us. You can either Join our Whatsapp BroadcastLike us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter or Google Plus and push notification is one of them. It’s the best & fastest way & you can’t miss a deal. We are also active in social channels such as facebook and twitter and we share some extra deals there. Like those too 🙂

What is Push Notification?

Whenever we update new deal, you will get Instant notification like below

push notification


  • Instant alert of all offers
  • No need to check msgs in Whatsapp Groups
  • Save your Time
  • Most Imp- Never miss a deal

How To Join Push Notification?

  1. First of all, Update your Chrome Browser (Mobile Users)
  2. Now, Visit Https://
  3. Click on a Bell Notification Icon in Right bottom Side.
  4. If you have blocked our notification when prompted, Then open Settings in your chrome Browser
  5. Scroll Down and click on Show Advance Settings
  6. In Privacy Heading, Click on Content Settings
  7. In Content settings, Scroll Down to notifications option
  8. Now Click on Manage Exceptions and allow Hexcode notifications.

Other Points

  1. You can Subscribe/Unsubscribe anytime.
  2. Keep visiting Https:// regularly as sometimes we may not send notification for all deals if we frequently add some deals at particular time.

Supported Desktop Browsers

  1. Make sure you are using Firefox v44+.
  2. Make sure you are using a modern version of Chrome. We recommend Chrome v48+, though Chrome v42+ is supported.
  3. Make sure you are not browsing in Incognito mode or Guest browsing mode. Notifications are disabled in Incognito mode, and Guest browsing mode is the same as Incognito mode.

If you have any issue or query related to push notification, Please let me know in comments below. Or if you have any other suggestion, please don’t forget to share in comments below or email at [email protected]

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