Mi Madness Sale- Get Mi Router at 1 Rs

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Mi 24 Hours Madness sale – Now get Mi Band, Mi Earphone, and Mi Backpack at just 1 Rs. You just need to share your unique link with friends. For every click on your link, you will get some discount. As soon as your product price reaches 1 Rs, you can order it.

Offer live again today (27-06-2018)

How to get Mi Router at 1 Rs

  1. First of all, 
  2. Click on Drop Price now
  3. Now click on I want it too.
  4. Now choose your favourite product and click on Participate now.
  5. Now click on Drop Price now and then click on Share with friends.
  6. Copy your unique URL and share it.
  7. For each click on your link, you will get some discount.  (Comment on this post and help each other to get discount.)
  8. You can order it as soon as your price drop to 1 Rs. (You will get 4 hours to drop the price)

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Unlimited Trick to get unlimited clicks

Please note – This trick is for education purpose only. I will not be responsible if MI block your main account or something similar to it. Please use at your own risk!

  1. First of all, Get your own referral links by Clicking on any given link below: (If you click on Drop the price, It will help me reduce the price).
  2. Now Go to Temp Email Website and you will see your temporary email address. (You can use any temp email website, Just google it)
  3. Copy that and use on Mi.com to create a new account.
  4. Now click on your own links one by one.
  5. You can also click on my links given in this post and links available in comments.
  6. If all users do this, almost everyone will get lots of clicks.
  7. After doing clicks, Clear your browsing data + You can use VPN for more safety.
  8. Again repeat step 1 to 7.
  9. Ask me in the comments below if you need any help in this trick.


mi 24 hours madness sale earphone

Details of this offer:

1. After initiating the task, invite friends to like the product and drop the price within a specified period of time.

2. After a successful price drop, you can purchase goods at the specified price within 3 days.

3. If you do not pay for the purchase within time, you are deemed to have voluntarily waived your purchase rights.

4. Each time you like to lower the price, invite more friends who can help you to succeed.

5. During a task, a single friend can only help once.

6. Each user can help to drop the price up to 10 times a day, at different tasks.

7. All tasks have limited stocks and shall be given out on a first-come first-serve basis.

8. During the task, if the stock of goods is exhausted or the task time runs out, the task will fail.

9. The conditions for the new user coupon package are: Users register during the event, and participate in the task to help drop the price.

10. The offer is valid only if you bring the price down by 50% or to ₹ 1.

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  1. How much refer does it take to complete the task for earphones?

  2. Reply
    KULDEEP SINGH RAGHUWANSHI 30 May 2018 at 9:35 am

    Join my WhatsApp group for this price down.


  3. I have done for all .

    Please do for me.

  4. Get mi band , basic earphones , backpack at 1₹ or lower

    Now u wil get a message, *i want it too* , clik that and get ur own links , and refer to ur frnds.

    1) Mi Casual Backpack Grey
    Distinct | Water Repellant | Comfortable


    2) Mi Earphones Basic Black
    Designed for India
    Mi Earphones Basic Black


    3) Mi Band – HRX Edition


    New users who opens these links and signup will get 850 off code ,( dont know t&c)

  5. *Get mi band , basic earphones , backpack at 1₹ or lower*

    Open this links and click on *clik to bring price down*

    Now u wil get a message, *i want it too* , clik that and get ur own links , and refer to ur frnds.

    1) *Mi Casual Backpack Grey*
    Distinct | Water Repellant | Comfortable


    2) *Mi Earphones Basic Black*
    Designed for India


    *3) Mi Band – HRX Edition Black*


    New users who opens these links and signup will get 850 off code ,( dont know t&c)

  6. Mi Band – HRX Edition Black
    Please click on my link too I will also click on you link too your can message me through reply.

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