(Expired) Meritroad Refer and earn offer- Get 10 Rs per refer in Bank Account

Meritroad refer and earn offer – Now get 10 Rs per refer in bank account. You will get 10 Rs when your friend signup using your meritroad referral code and verify his Mobile Number and Email ID. Best part of offer is, You can Invite unlimited number of friends. Meritroad.com is one of the first web platform through which users can find training courses and certifications from multiple vendors. So hurry up and grab this meritroad refer and earn offer now.

How To Use Meritroad Referral Code

  1. First of all, Visit this offer page
  2. Enter Name, Email ID, Mobile number and new password
  3. Now Enter Meritroad referral code- DAAV4BKH
  4. Verify your Mobile number and Email ID (It’s mandatory to use meritroad refer & earn offer)
  5. That’s it. Now refer your friends and earn money.

How To Refer Friends in Meritroad

You can refer your friends in two ways;

  1. By entering your friend’s email ID, Mobile number and refer him/her directly
  2. Ask your friends to signup using your meritroad refer code.

1st Method

  1. Click on Menu >> My rewards >> Earn points
  2. Enter your friend’s name, email and mobile number
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Now your friend will receive a email with password auto generated. You friend just need to click on the verification link they received on their email address and login to their account using password already send on their email address
  5.  Now your friend need to verify his mobile number by clicking on Menu >> Profile >> Validate Mobile and verify their mobile number.
  6. Once your friend verify his email and mobile number then he will be considered as successful referral

2nd Method (Recommended)

  1. Click on Menu >> Profile
  2. Now click on My account
  3. You will find your refer code at the end. Copy your referral code and share it with your friends
  4. You will get Rs 10 for referring each friend.
  5. There is no limited on referring friends so you can refer your friends and earn unlimited money in bank account.

How to add bank account in Meritroad

  1. First of all, Click on Menu >> My Rewards >> Bank Account
  2. Enter your Bank account details
  3. now click on Save Bank Account
  4. That’s it. Your bank account is saved successfully

How to transfer money in bank account in Meritroad

Minimum amount to redeem meritroad reward points in bank is 100 Rs. So you need to Invite minimum 10 friends to become eligible for redemption.

To Redeem

  1. First of all, click on Menu >> Reward Points >> Home
  2. Now click on Redeem reward points
  3. That’s it. Money will be transferred in your bank account within 4-5 days.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Note that 1 REWARD POINT = INR 1
  2. You will earn 10 REWARD POINTS, for every new () user referred by you.
  3. REWARD POINTS will be eligible for REDEMPTION, once your referred friend validates both EMAIL-ID and MOBILE number
  4. Reward Points can be redeemed from page ‘My Rewards’, by clicking button ‘Redeem Reward Points’ when both below conditions (a & b) are met:
  5. Total REWARD POINTS should be at least 100.
  6. You have provided your Bank Account details where redemption money can be transferred.
  7. You can refer as many friends as possible – and hence earn 10 REWARD POINTS on every referral
  8. Your referred friends can further refer their own friends, and hence earn REWARD POINTS as per above rules
  9. Reward Redemption Money will be directly transferred in your bank account. Processing time is generally 4-6 working days.
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