Kotak 811 App Trick to earn 225 Rs in Few minutes

Kotak 811 App trick- Hello Guys, We have already shared many money earning tricks and today I’m sharing a trick to earn 225 Rs. This trick is very simple, All we are using is, Kotak App UPI. In simple words, We are getting bank account number, IFSC Code and Virtual debit card when we signup on Kotak 811 App and we can use these details to signup on any UPI Based app. And there are some best offers working which need UPI to earn, Like Phonepe and CHillr App. So without wasting time, please follow below simple steps to use kotak 811 App trick.

Kotak 811 App Trick

How To Create account on Kotak 811 App

  1. First of all, Download Kotak 811 App here
  2. Install & open
  3. Click on Create Account
  4. Enter some details and your Mobile number
  5. now Enter your Aadhar card number and verify your Aadhar Registered number.
  6. Enter your Pan card number and Fill up other details.
  7. Now you will get the Kotak Bank details such as Kotak 811 Virtual Debit Card, Account no. & IFSC Code.

How to Get 150 Rs Phonepe using Kotak 811 App

As after signup we have Kotak 811 Virtual debit card, account number and IFSC Code, Use these details to create account on Phonepe. Read my step by step guide here

  1. First of all, Download Phonepe App here
  2. Signup using same mobile number you used on Kotak App
  3. Choose Kotak Bank while UPI registration and Set UPI PIN using Kotak 811 Virtual debit card (In place of debit card)
  4. Add 300 Rs in your Kotak App by any payment method.
  5. Now Open Phonepe App and Do a recharge of 300 Rs or Send money to any other phonepe user using UPI and you will get 150 Rs Cashback (50%)

Click here, To know more about Phonepe Refer and earn offer

How To Get 75 Rs on Chillr using Kotak 811 App

There are 2 scenarios to earn in Chillr App,

First, We assume that you already have chillr account using your bank details

  1. In this case, Download Parallel Space app here
  2. Add Chillr App in it (Make clone)
  3. Signup using same mobile in which you have Kotak 811 App Account
  4. Use your own refer code while signup
  5. That’s it, Complete registration and make a transaction to get 75 Rs in your Main account. (You will get 75 Rs in your first account after 2-3 days, directly in bank account)

Second, If you don’t have chillr account yet

  1. Download Chillr App here
  2. Signup using same mobile in which you have Kotak 811 App Account
  3. Use refer code while signup – DINE2E0
  4. Set UPI using Kotak app details (Bank, IFSC And Virtual card)
  5. Make a transaction of any amount, you can send 1 rupee to hexcode@hdfcbank or do a recharge of 10 Rs
  6. Now refer your friends and earn 75 Rs per refer in bank account

Know more about Chillr refer and earn offer here

Please don’t forget to share this kotak 811 app trick with your friends and family and help them to earn money!


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