Aadhar Payment App – Everything You Need to Know [Full Guide]

Aadhar payment App- Everything you need to know. How to use Aadhar payment app, how it works, who can receive money in Aadhar payment app, how you will know about payment, how to become Aadhar payment app merchant. Aadhar payment app is very secure and only for Merchants. Government of India Announces Aadhar payment app for digital payments and for cashless transactions throughout India. It’s a good Initiative by our honorable Pm – Shri Narendra Modi. Best thing is that we don’t need to take credit/debit card and cash with us to pay. Just remember your Aadhar card or note down its number and you can pay to any registered merchant. No need of your smartphone to receive OTP. Is not it great? I can guess you are thinking about the future days where you will pay without having any card or cash .So, I’m gonna tell you how Aadhar payment app works, how you can register on aadhar payment app and How you can pay.

Important Note- Aadhar payment app is not launched in Play store yet. So please don’t get confused by similar looking Apps or App links provided by other sites.

What is Aadhar Payment App?

It is an Application which is used by merchants to receive payments from their customers by using 12 digit unique aadhar card number. Customer bank account must be connected to their bank account. You need to authenticate via fingerprint everytime you make a transaction.
Developed by IDFC Bank in association with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI),

Why Aadhar App is Launched?

One of the biggest reasons of introducing the Aadhar Payment App is to encourage the merchants to receive payments through digital modes of transaction. The app would eliminate the long waiting period, transaction fee or charges, and hassle of getting a PoS (Point of Sale) machines.
How it Works?
aadhar pay app

How to Download Aadhar Payment App or How to become IDFC Bank Aadhaar Pay merchant?

To become IDFC Bank Aadhaar Pay Merchant, you need to contact IDFC Bank through IDFC Bank Business Correspondent point or by contacting Banker on Call (18004198332 / [email protected]). IDFC Aadhaar Pay will be available on a merchant’s smartphone, who will be onboarded with IDFC Bank using e-KYC, within an hour. An SMS link thereafter will enable the merchant to download

Who can become Aadhaar Pay Merchant?

Aadhaar pay merchant can be any Kirana store owner, dhaba owner, Chemist, Mandi shop owner, Panchayat offices, Recharge store owner, bill payment junction person or any other customer touch points.

How To Receive Payment using Aadhar Payment App?

  1. First of all, Make sure the smartphone app is connected to the biometric scan and data connection is “ON” in your smartphone.
  2. Enter the Aadhar Number of customer from whom you want to receive payment.
  3. In the next step, Aadhar pay App will display the list of bank accounts which are linked with the Aadhar number of customer.
  4. Now, customer needs to select the bank account from the list which is connected with Aadhar Card and proceed to next step.
  5. Merchant would need to enter the amount to be charged to the customer.
  6. In the next step, App will ask for biometric scan input of customer. The biometric scan would work as the transaction password.
  7. If the biometric scan is matched with the one with UIADI and there is enough balance in selected bank account, the amount will be transferred to bank account of merchant.
  8. If Aadhar is not linked with the customer’s account, then payment using this app would not be possible.
  9. That’s it. You have successfully received payment from your customer 🙂

How will merchant know his transactions details?

On the transaction application, a report section is provided where last 10 successful transactions are displayed along with today’s total sale amount.

Will merchant pay any fees to bank under this arrangement?

No. It’s completely free of cost. Unlike PoS where merchant pays merchant discount rate (MDR), here no fees will be paid by the merchant to Bank. This helps merchant saves huge on the MDR outflow.

What Thing You need to Pay By Aadhar Payment App?

If you are a customer, You need only your Aadhar card number linked with your bank account and if you are a merchant you need a smartphone with Aadhar Payment App Installed and A Bio-metric Scanner or Fingerprint Scanner. If your smartphone have fingerprint scanner then you can use it. No need to buy external fingerprint scanner 🙂

I hope i have written everything you need to know about Aadhar payment app. If you have any doubt, any suggestion, How this app will effect you? Will it be really helpful? or you have any better suggestion please tell us in comments.
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